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Helping You Find Recovery

Comprehensive Addiction Evaluation

We offer state of the art, evidence based, comprehensive addiction medicine treatment.  Addiction is not straightforward, and often involves many more aspects than just controlling cravings/withdrawl.  At Tailwind Recovery our physicians are trained to deal with all aspects of addiction and will create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve recovery.

Individualized Treatment Plan

No two patients are alike, and no two addictions are identical.  Our care team, lead by an addiction medicine physician, will create a plan to address your addiction.  With you, the patient, as the most important member of the care team, you’ll find a great deal of care goes into creating a treatment plan that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Respectful Caring Approach

Addiction has a lot of stigma associated with it.  At Tailwind Recovery you will find that our entire staff treats you with respect and dignity. We understand the science of addiction unlike anyone else.  Through this knowledge we create a respectful, caring approach that is evident in every aspect of your treatment experience.

Your Patient Care Team

Addiction Medicine Physician
The leader of your care team will be an addiction medicine physician, trained in the latest, evidence based approaches to treating addiction. Our doctors will diagnose, counsel, and lead your care team throughout your journey to a long lasting recovery. Medication management will be via your addiction medicine physician. Tailwind Recovery has addiction medicine physicians with a wide and varied backgrounds including internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, family medicine, anesthesiology, psychiatry, and pediatrics.
Community Pharmacist
Through a partnership with several local pharmacies, you will have immediate access to the prescription medications you need to help you achieve recovery. No longer will you be told to come back a different day for a medication that is out-of-stock. You will not encounter any attitudes or difficulties when visiting one of our partnered pharmacies as your pharmacists, like our physicians, understand addiction is a disease. They are there to help you achieve a long lasting recovery.
The role of counselor will be filled by a wide variety of people. Your addiction medicine physician, trained in modern counseling techniques, will help you to address some of the behavioral components underlying your addiction. However, sometimes a need will arise that will necessitate additional counseling resources (drug addiction counselor, social worker, therapist, etc.) This is part of the individualized approach that makes Tailwind Recovery so unique: unique, specific care tailored across the spectrum of treatment.
Social Support Group
The medical evidence is clear: involvement in 12 step facilitation groups increases the likelihood of a patient’s sustained, long-term recovery. That is what you want and what we, your care team want for you – a sustained recovery from addiction. We will make it easy for you to find a social support group in your local area. You will meet others in these support groups, and will soon realize you are not alone on this journey to recovery from addiction.

Tailwind Recovery is d/b/a TR Services

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