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  1. My experience with Dr. Lane has been outstanding. Each visit is part education, counseling, and support. He shows me compassion and creates a non-judgemental, safe space for healing.

    Dr. Lane strsses the importance of communication every time I send a message he responds promptly . No question are silly or idiotic.

    Pathfinder has given me a safe refuge to heal without the stigmatized that most drug rehabilitation centers have towards there clients.

    I can only sing praises about the wonderful staff. They have helped me conquer my opiate addiction.

  2. What a great bunch of caring, respectful, knowledgeable doctors at Pathfinder Health Services. They helped me achieve recovery from a 8 year pain pill addiction that was ruining my life. I highly recommend Pathfinder Health Services to anyone struggling with addiction.

  3. Incredible group of doctors. Very caring, intelligent, respectful. My experience at this clinic was incredible. I highly recommend Pathfinder Health Services to anyone dealing with addiction.

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