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Tailwind Recovery

Our mission is to inspire hope and support in the health and well-being of each patient recovering from addiction. We meet each patient where they are in the recovery process, treat the addictive behaviors, substance use disorder, and/or any co-occurring mental health or poly-substance use issues. We aim to provide the best care to every patient utilizing evidence based medical practices, education, and counseling.

Our Patient Commitment

Tailwind Recovery was created to address the overwhelming under-met need for addiction and opioid treatment in Middle Tennessee. Addiction is not a moral failing; rather, it is a chronic disease that originates in the brain. Our board certified Addiction Medicine physicians lead your team through a coordinated approach to offer a compassionate, respectful, honest, and caring experience.

Our Approach is Different

The patient is the focus of the multi-faceted treatment plan that combines medication assisted treatment and behavioral therapy to help address opioid use disorder. For a patient addicted to opioids it is critical to address signs and symptoms of cravings and withdrawal.  This is important so that the patient can return to feeling normal again and not battle cravings and withdrawal symptoms while trying to achieve recovery.  Once these symptoms are controlled, the patient can fully engage in the behavioral (counseling, 12-step facilitation, group therapy) aspects of treatment that are proven to help maintain a long, lasting recovery. Our board certified Addiction Medicine physicians are trained in evidence based medication assisted treatment and counseling in order to provide a structured outpatient treatment plan to achieve lasting recovery.

Meeting Patients’ Needs

An example of what makes our approach different?  We utilized advanced technology to reach the patient.  Telemedicine via HIPAA secure video conferencing is the most up to date, convenient, and easy to access method of medication assisted treatment.  No longer do you, the patient, have to drive to a clinic, wait in a crowded waiting room, and take time off from work.  We provide you with convenient evening and weekend telemedicine appointments where you’ll receive professional counseling, support, and medication management to help you achieve long lasting recovery.  Should you require more intensive treatment, we have partnered with a reputable national provider of Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) telemedicine based treatment for substance use disorder.

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