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Behavioral Addiction

behavioral addiction types

All diseases of addiction have the same underlying biological mechanism. The dysfunction that occurs in the reward circuits of the addicted patient’s brain is identical no matter whether the patient is addicted to opioids, alcohol, sedatives, stimulants, or even an addictive behavior. Gambling disorders, sex addictions, internet addictions….all of these behavioral addictions share a common neurological foundation.

While there is no FDA approved medical treatment for behavioral addictions, positive results have been found with the use of Vivitrol (naltrexone-injectable depot) in patients with gambling disorder. Furthermore, great progress has been made by using an integrated approach of individual and group therapy, 12 step facilitation based social support networking, and cognitive therapy.

The addiction medicine physicians at Tailwind Recovery are trained in the most current approaches to helping you deal with your behavioral addiction. Talk with your physician today about creating an individualized treatment plan that is right for you.


Behavioral Addiction - A Miserable Looking Man Putting His Last Chip Into The Ante

Computer / Gaming

Behavioral Addiction - Young Man Slouched on the Couch Playing Video Games With a Headset On


Behavioral Addiction, Sex - Man Holding a Woman

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Behavioral Addiction - Characteristics of a Sex Addict
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